Glory Of Motherhood

Glory Of Motherhood.

When I was borne an infant,
I knew you the least and you knew me the least.
When I smiled to you with a zero heart,.

You smiled back with a heroine heart.
When I stood up unsteadily first,
You've lifted me up readily with joy!!!

I've started knowing you then,
you've started knowing me better.
I've made your spirits rise up,

You've helped my limbs rise up.
I just walked several feet,
Making your heart miss several beats.

Did'nt I start becoming fridgity then,
Making you loose your temper often.....
When I showed you "I am grown up",

You 've warned me I am not...
I felt I knew you the best,
And you felt you knew me the least.

In the crushing period of adolescence when I burst,
Events of "tragic comedy" were in full swing,
I've pretended I knew you better,.

You've pretended you know me better.
But, we knew each other in tranquil minds,
We craved for each other in tranquil minds....

My wedding bell rang on that day,
I could feel your frozen touch.
I could feel your missing beats,.

I felt hard to calm your nerves.
[My heart was heavy with the love for you]
From then, I missed you in every hour,

And wished you crossed me in every hour.
When I felt tingling in my womb,
I started knowing you more than ever before......

Now I can understand why you were taunt,
In those tense hours I've brought,
Now back we are in enchanting hours,
Cheers to you and the glory of motherhood. .

By (DR.Remya Krishnan)