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Indigestion-How to avoid it?

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Follow these...

Ageing Process .... Insightful!

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We all accept that getting older is inevitable, and now leading clinicians have revealed the exact age when different body parts start to decline, most alarming being the brain and lungs.

HyperTension HetuviPareeta Treatment

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Dr. Rajkumar. K.C. MD (Ay) Dr.Srikrishna Khandel MD (Ay),Ph D. Ph. D Scholar Associate Professor,Vikriti Vigyan National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur.

Five Dimensional Explication Of HyperTension Aetiology

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Hetu Vipareetha Treatment Thus when all of the above mentioned factors work in unison and are properly balanced, the person will have normal B.P..