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Ramapurathu Warrier

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pioneer of Vanchippatu (1703-1753)

Ramapurathu Warrier (1703–1753) is considered to be the pioneer of the "Vanchipattu" or Boatsong form of poetry in Malayalam language.He was born in Ramapuram, near Palai, in Meenachil Taluk, Kottayam District, Kerala. He was a courtier of two successive Kings of Travancore, viz. Marthanda Varma and Dharma Raja.

The most celebrated work of Ramapurathu Warrier is "Kuchela Vrittam Vanchippattu", which depicts the story of Kuchela, a devotee and an old classmate of Krishna, going to Dwaraka to meet with him. The poem was apparently composed and recited during one of the King's boat journeys in which Warrier was also present. While describing with great poignance the poverty of Kuchela and the benevolence of Krishna, Warrier was indirectly presenting his miseries before the King seeking the King's help. It is considered that Warrier was amply rewarded.Although composed more than two centuries ago, the poem is still one of the most popular poems of Malayalam language. Composed entirely in the Dravidian metre natonnata, it is a popular classic

In the court of Maharaja Martanda Varma, the maker of the former State of Travancore and his successor Kartika Tirunal Rama Varma, there flourished a number of poets distinguished in several ways. Ramapurathu Warrier, the author of Kuchela Vrittam Vanchippattu, was one of them.

There is speculation that Ramapurathu Warrier was a disciple of Unnayi Variyar and as noted by Prof. Aimanam Krishna Kaimal in his celebrated work "Attakkatha Sahityam" it is reasonable to assume Unnayi Variyar lived between 1674 and 1754 C.E.