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You are here Culture Ritual NEW BORN ---“ VAYAMBU ” ADMINISTRATION.


Child birth is believed to be an auspicious and rejoicing event for any family. In earlier days child birth normally happened at home, naturally,when it was joint family system.

Now a days due to nuclear family system, and more risk is involved, we entrust this job to a gynaecologist in a reputed hospital. Even the things has gone to the extent, to arrange for delivery of the baby in a pre determined day, auspicious star (Nakhshtra). Of course without knowing what is in store for the baby after arrival into this wonderful earth.

After delivery at hospital, normally, the mother and baby is back at home, within a weeks time. Then mother and baby is under the care of Ammamma / Achhamma as the situation may be. From the date of the birth of the baby next 12 days are observed as “Vaalama” (“ Pela ”). On the 12th day the house purified by sprinkling with “ Punyaham”. Beginning from this day the new born baby is to be administered with “VAYAMBU Kuttu ” everyday morning, and “ ANTHI GURUTHI UZIYAL ” in “Thri-sandhya”.

These items are available as auyrvedic medicinal compound in the market. Item no. 1 to 9 are rubbed in a “chandana chaana” and mixed with fresh butter, and administered to the baby, thrice, thinking of supernatural power (GOD) till the “ Annaprasam “(Chooroon) function, every day morning in front of lighted Nilavilakku facing east.

Administering the vayambu cleanse the baby's mouth, tongue, stomach, intestine, and all the inner parts of the body and make it ready to receive the external food. This auyrvedic medicinal compound develops self immunity system and protect the baby from infection. This also normally reduce the later possibility of infection and related disease to the baby.