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In Search of God(Truth ) / Fun of Reality

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In Search of God(Truth ) / Fun of Reality.

In the spiritual kingdom of God (Truth)
From where we have started our journey
To where we are on our way so far
There is the ocean of love, peace and happiness.

By thought He made this world as fun
And became the things He Himself here
Animate and inanimate have come from Him
But this knowledge is known to Him alone.

God gave us all except Himself
And hides in us to guide us well
But alas! we fail to lead His will
And fall into pits with our own ego.

He is near but we seek Him far
Those who dedicate to Guru will get
A glimpse of vision in tranquil moods
And realize the Truth that ‘ I am God(Truth)’.

This world is like that in a dream
Having existence in that state only
Or like a drama with God as director
We play and leave the gown of body.

He takes such forms as Krishna, Jesus or Allah
To those who take such as their deity
To pour endless grace and reveal thyself
And to put an end to the cycle of birth and death..

By (K.Sreekumara Warrier, Omkar)