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Five Dimensional Explication Of HyperTension Aetiology

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Hetu Vipareetha Treatment Thus when all of the above mentioned factors work in unison and are properly balanced, the person will have normal B.P..

and if any or all of them fail Hypertension is the result. The immediate cause of Hypertension is dysfunction of ‘chala’ and ‘laghu’. The ‘laghu’ and ‘chala’ properties of ‘udana’ perform three important functions in circulation (1) energy utilisation (oorja),(2) smooth and forceful contraction of cardiac and smooth muscle along with elastic recoil (bala) and (3) propulsion of blood (prayatna). The ‘chala’ property of vyana controlled by prana regulate the flow of blood according to metabolic needs and concentration of metabolites in the blood. Overfuntioning of ‘udana’ leads to ventricular and smooth muscle hypertrophy and improper circulation (Ajeevana of vishada), while overactivity of Vyana results in rukshata, kharata and parushya (arteriosclerosis) in the blood vessel wall.’Laghutva’ (karma saamarthya) is harmonious functioning of all factors including the synchronous activity of autonomic nervous system. Prana plays the vital role in the autoregulatory mechanism of ‘madhyama roga marga’.

So the first step in the treatment is to bring about the normalcy and unhindered actions of ‘chalatva’ and ‘laghutva’. This could be achieved by ‘Vaataanulomana’ therapy. Increased ‘chalatva’ due to peripheral resistance ( increased vasomotor tone or ‘ laghutva’ dysfunction), which is Prana interrupting the functions of vyana (Prana avrita Vyana) could be modulated with ‘vata anulomana’.‘Anulomana’ restores proper circulation, normal B.P and checks end organ damage by regulating ‘agni’ (hormonal) and ‘Vayu’ (nervous) functions in the circulatory system (vata vaha srotas). Prana, Udana and Vyana are the direct causes, while Apana and Rasa- Rakta are the indirect causes. But the disease could be cured only with ‘dosha Vipareetha’ treatment.

No Hetu Hetu Vipareetha therapy 1. Hypertension Vata Anulomana (Vata Vaha Sroto dusti) (Prana avrita Vyana Anulomana)
2. Prana Shirogata Vata Chikitsa
3. Udana Oorjaskara
4. Apana Udaavartahara
5. Arteriosclerosis Snehana(Siraagata Vata Chikitsa) (Dhamani Paarushya)
6. Atherosclerosis Medah – Kaphavrita Vata Chikitsa
7. Toxaemia / Infections Aamaharanam.
Thus this ‘madhyama roga marga’ disease if complies with ‘Saadhya’ condition, it could be controlled and cured by proper assessment of the ‘hetu’ and pertinent hetuvipareeta treatment.